Transport Layer:Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Application Layer:Diablo II In-Game Messages (D2GS)
Message Id:0x89
Direction:Server to Client
Options: In Research
Used By:Diablo II, Diablo II Lord of Destruction
Message Format:
(does not include protocol header)
(UINT8) EventId // see below,

Events known so far:
00 = Killed all the monsters in the den.
01 = Tristram portal opening for the first time.
03 = Staff being put into the oriface in act2
06 = Ammy being poped in clawviper temple.
07 = Summoner area? death or when the tome is clicked unsure which.
08 = Duriel just died
0b = Meph just died.
0c = The last seal in cs was hit diablo is now released.
0d = Diablo was killed or is dead.


I'm sure there are many others by looking at the gaps here.

Note1: Unsure what to name this any suggestions will be taken into account.
Note2: This seems to relate to various events that relate directly or indirectly to key quest states//events.



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