Server Upgrade/Maintenance

The Blizzard team behind the recent Starcraft Remastered project and other patches to Blizzard's Classic Games have announced a server upgrade/patch scheduled for today.

The following is a copy of the forum post:

Classic services will be upgraded on Tuesday at 1000 PDT. We expect the maintenance to last one hour.

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Increased max channel size to 255
  • Increased max clan size to 255
  • Fixed clan message of the day
  • Changed default channel to be based on language not region
  • Fixed emails not being sent in correct locale for new accounts
  • Resolved issues with Warcraft III ladder reset

Known Issue

Creating clans and arranged teams with more than 40 players in the channel will cause a disconnect from Warcraft III until the next client patch.

Read more here.

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