Server Upgrade - 14 August 2018

Blizzard has patched Classic again.

The biggest change this patch is the restriction of legacy Diablo II 16-character CD-keys. Now in order to log in with Diablo II and/or its expansion pack, you will be required to register your CD-key on with your account, and then use the new 26-character game key instead.

Hi All,

Servers will be upgraded on Tuesday at 10am PST. Expected downtime is less than 1 hour.

Notable changes:

  • [D2] Network migration for inbound server traffic to increase performance and reliability
  • [D2] Disable the use of claimed 16 digit keys to prevent abuse
  • Improved service monitoring and alerting

Thanks, Classic Games


Claim old 16 digits on your account here:

Look up your current cd keys:

Download Installers:

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