Starcraft Patch Notes


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Greetings all,

Patch 1.23.9 has arrived!

Welcome to Season 10!

  • Dark Archon portrait and Protoss frame rewards for ranked matchmaking S, A, B, and U.

Map Pool Update

  • (2) Eclipse 1.2
  • (3) Ascension 1.0
  • (4) Fighting Spirit 1.3
  • (4) Good Night 1.31
  • (4) Largo 1.5
  • (4) Polypoid 1.65
  • (4) Revolver 1.0

(Note: For the first two weeks, ranks will be MMR bucketed based on last season’s data. After which we will switch to the percentage-based breakdown above.)


Site Redesign and New Features


Greetings, BNETDocs members! We have published a new site redesign, which includes many improvements over the old design. The old design was not as giving to modern web design, it was rigid and unforgiving. This design is a polished, sleek user interface enabled by the bootstrap framework, enabling responsive web design out of the box.

A few of the new features that users can expect with this new design include the following:

  • A GDPR-compatible privacy notice has been added, clarifying user's data rights and how their data is processed.
  • Documents and packets are now searchable!
  • For maintainers, packets can now be added natively from the site! Before, the process necessitated making manual SQL/database commands and was fragile by being prone to human error. The new UI will surely be welcomed!
  • Comments are now visible while editing documents, news posts, and packets.
  • Syntax highlighting in code blocks has been made available for a variety of code languages.
  • Emoji icons have been added in places of words for site actions, such as deleting or editing comments, documents, news posts, packets, etc.; hovering the mouse will still show the action verb as text.
  • Many other cosmetic fixes, all changes are at GitHub for those interested.

Please feel free to browse around and check out the site makeover. We hope that this helps users like you find their way around easier. This redesign empowers us to make more flexible changes around the site, so expect more to come soon!

Warm Regards :]

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Diablo 2. Last reset before D2R


It is finally announced. The last ladder reset before Diablo II Resurrected. You join us in the last season?

See you there ;)


Diablo II Ladder Reset - December 4th


As every half year we expect a ladder reset for Diablo II. This year its earlier as expected, but later announced as we are used to.

That doesn't change anything to the fact it is! Get ready to race to the top, coming friday 4th of december from 5:00 pm PT. Or 2:00 at night if your in based in Europe.

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Packet status


When the new site was launched a few years ago, it didn't include the status on packets indicating whether it was defunct/deprecated or in research, like the older revision of the site did. Today, that has been fixed, and packets now show their statuses again. Enjoy!