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Account Closure Codes
This document describes the additional status codes received when attempting to login
 Ribose Chat Server Protocol Overview
The Battle.Net Chat Server ("BNCS") is the unofficial name of the protocol
 Kyro History Timeline
Future placeholder document for the page at:
 Caaaaarrrrlll v2 Information
This document serves as an aggregate of information about v2
Blizzard Weak Digital Signature
The Blizzard Weak Digital Signature is a digital signature used by
BNLS Checksum Algorithm
The BNLS checksum algorithm calculates the checksum of a password using the 32-bit
BNLS Packet Guide
This document guides a first-time developer on how to use and BNLS together,
BNLS Product Codes
This document is the complete list of BNLS product codes supported by the protocol,
BNLS Server Historical List
A historical list of BNLS hosts that no longer exist, but are maintained here for
BotNet Protocol Overview
BotNet is a Valhalla Legends-made service designed for inter-bot communication
Chat Flags
This document describes the user and channel flags seen in the FLAGS field of
Chat Gateway Protocol
The chat gateway is a text protocol on™ that was deprecated in 2005
Chat Language Filter
There is a censor on English "swear" words and other words deemed inappropriate
Chat Statstrings
Chat statstrings are space-delimited C strings that communicate attributes of a user in
CheckRevision is a module sent by the server during the logon process
Clan System Overview
This is a description of WarCraft III's clan system on
Classic Chat API (CAPI)
On April 28, 2017, Blizzard announced an official API for the classic BNETv1 platform
Diablo II Game Server Accept Sequence
This document describes the steps needed to be accepted by the Diablo II Game Server
Diablo II Game Server Buffers And Positions
Various Buffers & Pages
Diablo II Game Server Skill List
Name: SKILL_ATTACK HEX Value (UINT16): 0000
Diablo II Realm Server Logon Sequence
In order to make use of the Diablo II realms, you must be successfully
ExtraWork is a library sent by the server after a client logs in
File Transfer Protocol Version 1's file transfer protocol (often abbreviated BNFTP or BNFTPv1) consists
File Transfer Protocol Version 2
Version 2 of's file transfer protocol (BNFTPv2) is a simple extension to
Game Statstrings
This document covers the game advertisement statstrings for the various Blizzard games
The Icons.bni is a file downloaded by Blizzard's games during their handshake with
Known Server Issues
This document focuses on the issues present on official Classic™ servers
NLS/SRP Protocol
The New Logon System (NLS) is based on the Secure Remote Password protocol (SRP) which
Notational Convention (Sizes & Types)
This document covers the standard sizes and data types that this site references across
Product Identification
This document describes how to supply product information to Classic™
Product Keys and Hashing
Product keys are yielded by purchasing Blizzard games
Protocol Headers
This document contains the protocol header specifications for the BNCS, Realm, D2GS,
PvPGN Tracking Protocol
This document covers how to successfully use the PvPGN tracker system with a custom
Storm UDP Protocol
Used by StarCraft, Diablo, and WarCraft II use the Storm UDP Protocol to communicate
Telnet Protocol Message Formatting
The following information is only valid when using protocol 0x03 (Telnet) on a Classic
WarCraft III Profile Requests
The Warcraft III Profile Request often involves several messages to get complete