Server List

The list of servers that are well-known and monitored for port status.

The status represents if the port is opened or closed, not if the service is functioning correctly. These are the statuses a server could be in:

  • Online: The port is open.
  • Offline: The port is closed.
  • Disabled: The server is not actively checked.

We have a total of 96 servers that we monitor. Click here to see this list in JSON format.

Primary Website Service
Online Website 🔎
Online Website 🔎
Online BNETDocs Archive 🔎
Online BNETDocs Phoenix 🔎
Ancillary Website Service
Online Blizzard API (DNS) 🔎
Online Blizzard API / United States (DNS) 🔎
Online BNETDocs Jenkins 🔎
Online BNETDocs Phoenix: Dev 🔎
Online BNETDocs Redux 🔎
Online BNETDocs Redux: Labs 🔎 v1 Game Client Service (BNCS) / Blizzard Classic
Disabled Asia / Kalimdor (DNS) (Old) 🔎
Disabled Classic Test / Westfall (DNS) (Defunct) 🔎
Disabled Europe / Northrend (DNS) (Old) 🔎
Disabled U.S. East / Azeroth (DNS) (Old) 🔎
Disabled U.S. Test / Stratholme (DNS) (Old) 🔎
Disabled U.S. West / Exodus (DNS) (Old) 🔎
Disabled U.S. West / Lordaeron (DNS) (Old) 🔎
Disabled Warcraft III / Westfall (DNS) (Defunct) 🔎
Disabled Warcraft III Demo (DNS) (Defunct) 🔎 v1 Game Client Service (BNCS) / Blizzard Classic Remastered
Offline Europe / Northrend (DNS) 🔎
Offline South Korea / Kalimdor (DNS) 🔎
Offline U.S. East / Azeroth (DNS) 🔎
Offline U.S. West / Lordaeron (DNS) 🔎
Offline Warcraft III Public Test Realm (DNS) 🔎 v1 Game Client Service (BNCS) / Partnered Communities
Disabled Fish Server (DNS) (Defunct) 🔎
Online Good Old Games (DNS) 🔎 v1 Game Client Service (BNCS) / Communities
Online BNETDocs Atlas 🔎
Online BNETDocs PvPGN 🔎
Online 🔎
Offline ICCup (StarCraft) 🔎
Online ICCup (WarCraft) 🔎
Disabled Init6 Chicago (Defunct) 🔎
Disabled Init6 Dallas (Defunct) 🔎
Disabled Init6 Los Angeles (Defunct) 🔎
Disabled Init6 Montréal (Defunct) 🔎
Disabled Init6 Seattle (Defunct) 🔎
Online 🔎 Logon Service (BNLS) for Bots
Online BNETDocs' JBLS 🔎
Online Davnit's JBLS 🔎
Offline Phix's JBLS 🔎
Valhalla Legends Botnet Service
Online Valhalla Legends Botnet Service 🔎 v1 Remastered Service
Online Account (DNS) 🔎
Offline Anycast Connect (DNS CNAME) 🔎
Offline Asia-Pacific (DNS) 🔎
Offline Asia-Pacific (DNS) 🔎
Offline Asia-Pacific (DNS) 🔎
Online Chat API Anycast (DNS CNAME) 🔎
Online Chat API Anycast (DNS CNAME) 🔎
Online Chat API Asia-Pacific (DNS) 🔎
Online Chat API China (DNS) 🔎
Online Chat API EMEA (DNS) 🔎
Online Chat API North America (DNS) 🔎
Offline China (DNS) 🔎
Offline China (DNS) 🔎
Offline China (DNS) 🔎
Online Depot (DNS) 🔎
Offline EMEA (DNS) 🔎
Offline EMEA (DNS) 🔎
Offline EMEA (DNS) 🔎
Offline North America (DNS) 🔎
Offline North America (DNS) 🔎
Offline North America (DNS) 🔎
Online Nydus (DNS) 🔎 v1 Remastered Service Public Test Realm
Disabled Anycast Connect PTR (DNS CNAME) 🔎
Offline Asia-Pacific Public Test Realm (DNS) 🔎
Offline EMEA Public Test Realm (DNS) 🔎
Offline North America Public Test Realm (DNS) 🔎
Offline North America Public Test Realm (DNS) 🔎
Disabled North America Public Test Realm (DNS) 🔎 v2 Game Service
Online Game Service / China (DNS) 🔎
Online Game Service / Europe (DNS) 🔎
Online Game Service / Singapore (DNS) 🔎
Online Game Service / South Korea (DNS) 🔎
Online Game Service / Taiwan (DNS) 🔎
Online Game Service / United States (DNS) 🔎 v2 Game Service Public Test Realm
Offline Game Service / Public Test (DNS) 🔎 v2 Logon Service
Disabled IIR (DNS) 🔎
Online Logon Service / China (DNS) 🔎
Online Logon Service / Europe (DNS) 🔎
Offline Logon Service / Singapore (DNS) 🔎
Online Logon Service / South Korea (DNS) 🔎
Offline Logon Service / Taiwan (DNS) 🔎
Online Logon Service / United States (DNS) 🔎 v2 Logon Service Public Test Realm
Offline Logon Service / Public Test (DNS) 🔎 v2 Patch Service
Online Patch Service / China (DNS) 🔎
Online Patch Service / Europe (DNS) 🔎
Online Patch Service / Singapore (DNS) 🔎
Online Patch Service / South Korea (DNS) 🔎
Online Patch Service / Taiwan (DNS) 🔎
Online Patch Service / United States (DNS) 🔎 v2 Patch Service Public Test Realm
Offline Patch Service / Public Test (DNS) 🔎
Other Website Service
Online BNETDocs Production Server 🔎
Online 🔎
Online 🔎
Online 🔎
TeamSpeak 3 Service
Disabled Carl's TeamSpeak 🔎