Regular news...


Here's some regular news that some may have been waiting for...

This site is still active; we just don't update as much as we used to. A lot of the admins have become busy with their lives so they haven't been able to do much real updating here. However, when one finds time, they put a little effort in.

Core Updates

  • A small update has been made to the Logs RSS in regard to what it spits out to the public.
  • Logs are no longer made for users who do not respond to their registration e-mail.
  • Cleaned up some code in the overall functionality of the site.
  • Re-enabled authorization for the server checker code.
  • Fixed news submissions (new or edited) containing apostrophes in them so that they will work properly.

As for anything else, stay tuned. :)

Edit: Somehow, some site files got pushed back to their older version. As such, user submission bugs containing apostrophes (') were present. I have re-fixed that error now. I have also fixed the news submitter since it was sanitizing twice after the re-fix. [07/05/2011]

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