Chat Language Filter

There is a censor on English "swear" words and other words deemed inappropriate.

It can be found in public channels and some other select locations, implemented server-side. The list at the bottom obviously contains mature language.

This is most noticable when sending text in public channels, but actually happens in at least the following scenarios:

Scenario Packet Result Notes
Chat C>S 0x0E SID_CHATCOMMAND non-commands Censors your text others receive in S>C 0x0F SID_CHATEVENT 0x05 EID_TALK. Censoring only occurs in public chat channels. Other commands other than the following are not censored.
Emotes C>S 0x0E SID_CHATCOMMAND /me & /emote Censors your text others receive in S>C 0x0F SID_CHATEVENT 0x17 EID_EMOTE. Censoring only occurs in public chat channels for users other than yourself. You receive uncensored EID_EMOTE events.
Away & DND Messages C>S 0x0E SID_CHATCOMMAND /away & /dnd Censors your text others receive in S>C 0x0F SID_CHATEVENT 0x12 EID_INFO telling them you are away or in DND mode.
Clan MOTD C>S 0x7B SID_CLANSETMOTD Censors the Clan message of the day when displayed when joining the clan channel or viewing it later. The chat command /clan motd does not result in a censored message.
Profile C>S 0x27 SID_WRITEUSERDATA Censors your profile fields as retrieved from S>C 0x26 SID_READUSERDATA or S>C 0x35 SID_PROFILE.
Game Name C>S 0x08 SID_STARTADVEX Censors your game name as retrieved from S>C 0x09 SID_GETADVLISTEX and users' friends lists. Channel names are not censored in users' friends lists.
Game Name C>S 0x22 SID_NOTIFYJOIN Censors your game name when sent to mutual friends.
Username C>S 0x2A SID_CREATEACCOUNT, C>S 0x3D SID_CREATEACCOUNT2, C>S 0x52 SID_AUTH_ACCOUNTCREATE Refuses to create accounts with such usernames.
Character Name C>S 0x02 MCP_CHARCREATE Refuses to create characters with such names.
Game Name C>S 0x03 MCP_CREATEGAME Refuses to create games with such names.

The following "text", if found, case insensitive, is replaced with the "censored text", in place, for any of the cases where the result is censored text which can be seen later.

Text Censored Text
anus @!&$
asshole @$%!@%&
asswipe @$%!@!&
bitch #@%$!
chink $!@!$
clit $%@%
cock $!$%
cunt $&!%
dick %@$%
dildo %@%&!
douche %!&$!&
erect &#&$%
faggot !@!@!%
fuck !&$%
gook !@!$
kike $@$&
kkk $%$
klux $%&!
lesbian %&$#@#!
masturbat &@$%&#$@%
nazi !@#@
nigga !@!@#
nigger !@!@&#
nipple !@!@%&
orgasm !#!@$&
penis !&!@$
prick !#@$%
pussy !&$%@
scrotum $%#!%&!
shit $!@%
slut $%&%
whore !@!#&
vagina !@!@!@
| Edited: Ribose


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