BNLS Product Codes

This document is the complete list of BNLS product codes supported by the protocol, however not all implementations have been patched to reflect this complete list and may only support a few of these.

The original implementation of BNLS supported up to the first 8 product codes, JBLS extended upon that with 3 additional products, and BNLS# added one more.

Today, these are the 12 different product codes supported:

0x01: Starcraft
0x02: Starcraft Brood War
0x03: Warcraft II Edition
0x04: Diablo II
0x05: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
0x06: Starcraft Japanese
0x07: Warcraft III
0x08: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
0x09: Diablo Retail
0x0A: Diablo Shareware
0x0B: Starcraft Shareware
0x0C: Warcraft III: Demo

Some BNLS messages may use product code 0x00 as an error or unsupported result.

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