Blizzard will be updating Starcraft too!


On April 13, 2016, Blizzard announced that in addition to the updates they have made to Diablo II and Warcraft III, they will also be updating Starcraft!

It all is detailed in the forum post that quickly went off-topic from its Diablo II question and turned into a Starcraft conversation:

xboi209: Hey Clásico, it seems that there's absolutely no mention of any work on StarCraft at the moment. I do agree that D2 should support higher resolutions but in my opinion, bug fixes and compatibility for StarCraft should be worked on first before the eye candy for other games.

Clásico: Hey hey! I will say that, as of right now, Starcraft IS being worked on.

Bingbing: This thread no where even mentions Brood War.

Clásico: When I say Starcraft, I'm implying that it's Brood War. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Bareleon: Are there going to be bug fixes? Any balance updates? A ladder like sc2's?

Clásico: Afternoon Bareleon, as of right now we're working on Compatibility and bug fixing for SC and SC:Brood War.

So there you have it folks! Starcraft is coming down the pipeline soon.

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