Maelstrom CD-Key Tester 4.0

After last being updated November 1, 2012, I have finally released another update for Maelstrom CD-Key Tester on August 2, 2016. After being in development for roughly the last 2 months it has been improved in a number of ways. From a few new major additions to improvements in speed and performance.

Some of the major changes introduced in version 4.0 are:

  • Added a config GUI, removing the need for several different input boxes, having a
    better way of editing the config and a better solution to checking for errors
  • Added CD-Key Profiles as an option
    • Saves keys tested under \CD-Key Profiles\<profile name>\
    • Option to add the current realm to the profile (<profile name> @ USWest for example)
  • CD-Key loading changes
    • Maelstrom can now load CD-Keys from any file
    • Place the files in the \CD-Keys\ folder (they can be inside folders as well)
    • The folders/files in this folder will be wiped after the keys are loaded except the
      standard key files (STAR.txt, W2BN.txt, D2DV.txt, D2XP.txt, WAR3.txt, W3XP.txt)

Maelstrom started in August 2010 at the request of a few of my friends who wanted a better key tester than what was currently available. From there it became a popular tool of choice over the years. One such useful feature that people really like is its ability to test expansion keys.

It can be downloaded here:

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