Transport Layer:Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Application Layer:D2GS Messages (D2GS)
Message Id:0x68
Direction:Client to Server
Options: In Research
Used By:Diablo II, Diablo II Lord of Destruction
Message Format:
(does not include protocol header)
(UINT32)     MCP Cookie
(UINT16)     Game Id
 (UINT8)     Character Class Id
(UINT32)     Game (major) version
(UINT32)     Expansion
(UINT32)     Constant1 (=0x91A519B6)
 (UINT8)     Locale Id
 (UINT8)[16] ????


Character Class Id:

Id Name
0 Amazon
1 Sorceress
2 Necromancer
3 Paladin
4 Barbarian
5 Druid
6 Assassin

Game (major) version:

Id Versions
14 1.14a, 1.14b, 1.14c, 1.14d
13 1.13a, 1.13b, 1.13c, 1.13d
12 1.12
11 1.11, 1.11b
xx 1.xx, etc.


Id Name
0x2185EDD6 Classic
0xED5DCC50 Expansion

Locale Id:

Id Locale
0 enUS (English)
1 esES (Spanish)
2 deDE (German)
3 frFR (French)
4 ptPT (Portuguese)
5 itIT (Italian)
6 ja (Japanese)
7 ko (Korean)
8 si (Sinhalese)
9 zhCN (Chinese)
10 pl (Polish)
11 ru (Russian)
12 enGB (English)

In Kolbot, sent between "Heartbeat loaded" & "Starting default.dbj"

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