Transport Layer:Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Application Layer:BotNet Messages (PACKET)
Message Id:0x02
Direction:Client to Server
Used By:(nothing or unknown)
Message Format:
(does not include protocol header)
(STRING) Battle.net unique username    [max: 20]
(STRING) Battle.net current channel    [max: 36]
(UINT32) Battle.net server IP address
(STRING) Database name and password    [max: 96]
(UINT32) Cycle status


Update client information.

This should be sent when any of the values in the structure change.

The Unique username and Current channel fields cannot be blank. Conventionally, when not logged on to Battle.net, you should set the Server IP address and Unique username to the last non-empty values they had (or the ones in the bot configuration) and set the Current channel to the string "<Not logged on>".

The Database name and password field should be of the format "name pass" where a space (ASCII 0x20) separates the values. This value may be blank, in which case BotNet places you in the "public" database.

With the changes Battle.net made to operators in private channels, Cycle status is now defunct. Clients should specify 0x00. The values were:

  • 0x00: Not cycling
  • 0x01: Cycling
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