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I have done some packet analyzing and I found out the first unknown value. It is the number of players allowed on the map. If the value is blank, then it is an 8 player map, values 12-17 are 2 player maps - 7 player maps.

And #7 does not seem to be the checksum of the map, since it seems to be the same value for me no matter what map I pick.

The other unknown value is set to 1 for a replay game, and set to blank if not.

Also, there is a parameter that lies before the map size... before the first comma and after the game password. The field contains a DWORD in it only when you host a saved game. I am not sure what this data means.


I did some packet analyzing and I found that when you host a replay game, the value 0x81 is used for the game state. And when you close all the available slots the value is 0x06.

Also, 0x04 does not mean the game contains players necisary, it could also mean that the game contains slots that are filled, either by a computer or a closed slot. So, if you close all available slots, and open one... it refreshes the game, because starcraft will update on the status.

Also, the Unknown DWORD I always get the value FF.