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0x00 - Warden Module
(QWORD) Name of current module (MD5 Hash)
a quadword??
Wow, i never knew md5 hashes could be 8 bytes.

should be:
(DWORD[4]) Name of current module
(DWORD[4]) Decryption seed


The 0x4E packet is sent to Starcraft/Brood War clients, however there is no code in battle.snp to parse that packet. Maybe it's used by warcraft 3 as well, but that's just a guess.


....Are you sure about the remarks? According to the Clan Message Codes, 0 is the code for success. Anything non-zero would indicate failure**** heh. Also, what's 0x0C? It's not documented in the clan message codes. I'm getting that for some reason, and my packet's len is 9 bytes. (5 bytes + 4 byte header, get it right.) Who documented this ? They did a bad job imo.