Transport Layer:Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Application Layer:BotNet Messages (PACKET)
Message Id:0x06
Message Name:BOTNET_USER
Direction:Server to Client
Used By:(nothing or unknown)
Message Format:
(does not include protocol header)
(UINT32) Bot ID
(UINT32) Database access              [rev: 4; awl: 1]
(UINT32) Administrative access        [rev: 4; awl: 1]
(UINT32) IP address                   [rev: 4; awl: 1; admin]
(STRING) Battle.net unique username
(STRING) Battle.net current channel
(UINT32) Battle.net server IP address
(STRING) Unique account name          [rev: 2]
(STRING) Current database name        [rev: 3]

Null terminator [rev: 4; awl: 1]:


User information updated.

When C>S 0x06 BOTNET_USER_LIST is sent, this message is sent in response for every user currently connected. The first message always describes the client, followed by the other users in order from oldest to newest connect.

If the client has specified an awareness level of 0x01 for server revision 4, the user list will be followed with an additional blank 0x06 message, called the "null terminator".

When another user sends C>S 0x02 BOTNET_STATSUPDATE, conventionally including when they first connect, this message is received once by all other connected users.

Bot ID:

This value should be unique and should be used as a key to a client's table of online users.

Database access [rev: 4; awl: 1]:

With an awareness level of 0x01, this is the access this user has to their database, based on the password they used.

Combinable flags:

  • 0x01: Read
  • 0x02: Write
  • 0x04: Restricted access

Administrative access [rev: 4; awl: 1]:

With an awareness level of 0x01, this is the administrative access flags this user has. See BotNet Protocol Overview.

IP address [rev: 4; awl: 1; only present with admin access]:

With an awareness level of 0x01 and appropriate admin flags, this is the user's IP address.

Battle.net values:

The unique username, current channel, and server IP address are unmodified values that the user sent in C>S 0x02 BOTNET_STATSUPDATE.

Unique account name [rev: 2]:

This is the account name if the user logged on using C>S 0x0D BOTNET_ACCOUNT. The special string "No Account" is sent for users that have not logged on.

Current database name [rev: 3]:

This is the name of the database the user is on. The database name can be an empty string, if they are not on a database.

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