Transport Layer:Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Application v1 TCP Messages (SID)
Message Id:0x24
Direction:Server to Client
Options: Deprecated
Used By:Starcraft Original, Starcraft Broodwar
Starcraft Shareware, Diablo Retail
Diablo Shareware, Warcraft II BNE
Message Format:
(does not include protocol header)
(UINT32) Echoed back, Request ID?
(UINT32) Echoed back, Timestamp?
(STRING) Registry key name


Much like a website cookie, simply stores some arbitrary string to a 'cookie jar' to save preferences et al. which can be retrieved later by the server.

Not used because it was quickly discovered that storing preferences produces less problems and were faster by storing them server-side, associating them with the account. It is somewhat curious that these packet IDs are close to SID_PROFILE/SID_WRITEPROFILE (0x26 & 0x27).

Found at: battle!190216FBh and battle!1901D660h, respectively.




It's not defunct, Battle.Net clients still support it. So it can be used with Battle.Net emulators, or if someone uses man in the middle.