Scheduled Maintenance for StarCraft Patch 1.18

Blizzard will be performing maintenance to the Classic servers on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 in preparation for StarCraft: Brood War Remastered (Patch 1.18).


Evening Adventurers, will be down for maintenance on March 28th in preperation for 1.18 Starcraft. Expected down time: 60 mins


  • USWest: 0800 PST
  • USEast: 1000 PST
  • Asia: 1200 PST
  • Europe: 1600 PST

Thank you, Classic Games Team

Additionally, the servers are displaying the following EID_ERROR message upon entry to any channel in preparation for this maintenance:

[Server Broadcast] Server maintenance at 1000 PST (

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SC: Remastered confirmed and StarCraft patch 1.18a


A previous BNETDocs article talked about a rumor that StarCraft would be getting remastered. This suspicion was confirmed after Blizzard announced their plans during the "I <3 StarCraft" event which celebrated 19 years of StarCraft:

Furthermore, Blizzard conducted an interview about the development of SC: Remastered that you can watch here:

Recently, an article from Team Liquid surfaced about Blizzard's plans to prepare for SC: Remastered. That article has been reposted below.

In preparation for StarCraft: Remastered, SC:BW will be receiving its first official patch since January 21, 2009—almost 8 years ago. This patch mostly contains bug fixes and added functionality, with only 2 changes to unit bugs.

These changes should have little or no effect on gameplays, since SC:R will allegedly be compatible with BW 1.16.

Patch Will Happen 3/30 US Time. More details soon?

StarCraft v1.18a Patch Notes

StarCraft and Brood War will now be completely FREE.

Specific Changes & Improvements

Please “Run as Admin” during patching; it is required by modern operating systems and your first client run will migrate saves to avoid issu es from Windows system admin changes

* Added windowed fullscreen or windowed mode; use Alt+Enter to switch between
* Added UTF-8 support
* Added Keybind options
* Added cursor clamping in game while windowed; unclamped in menus
* Added Popular Maps to streamline finding games or game types
* Added options to display actions per minute
* Added Observer mode
* Added opponent information when joining a game lobby
* Added autosaving for replays
* Added in game timer option
* Added UPnP support
* Improved gameplay responsiveness during multiplayer by increasing turn rate
  to match LAN speeds over
* Improved UI layout in sections
* Improved behavior of available lobbies within the Join game section
* Improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
* Improved anticheat
* Improved installation and patching performance
* Native support for Fish

Bug Fixes

* Fixed palette issues to correct rainbow water, 80s Kerrigan, and other graphic glitches
* Fixed problems with LAN game discovery
* Fixed IME support and other text artifacts in menus
* LAN and Legacy fixes
* Valkyries will fire missiles regardless of population size
* Dragoons will not freeze and require a Stop order before accepting new orders

Known Issues

* Mac is not supported this patch, but is in progress
* The profile section is currently unavailable
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I've disabled Cloudflare and started using Let's Encrypt


BNETDocs is no longer using Cloudflare for any purpose other than DNS right now, and SSL/TLS has been switched from expired Comodo certificates to Let's Encrypt with automatic renewal.

I felt that this was a better solution due to Cloudflare's security issue last week. With Cloudflare no longer sitting as a middleman, Cloudflare was no longer the edge SSL/TLS, so Let's Encrypt has taken its place.

With Cloudflare DNS only and Let's Encrypt in place, so far things have been steady. This change happened earlier this week and I forgot to announce it. There haven't been any monitoring alerts that have come in since the change, and no one's noticed the difference as far as I've seen, which is a good thing.



USWest Scheduled Maintenance

Blizzard will be performing maintenance to the USWest Classic servers on Friday, March 3, 2017 from 8:00AM to 12:00PM PST.


The following games will be down during this maintenance:

  • Diablo
  • Diablo II
  • Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
  • Starcraft
  • Starcraft: Brood War
  • Warcraft II: Edition
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
  • Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Additionally, the USWest servers are displaying the following EID_ERROR message upon entry to any channel in preparation for this maintenance:

[Server Broadcast] Server maintenance Friday 0800 PST (

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BNETDocs and Cloudflare's Memory Leak (#Cloudbleed)


Between September 22, 2016 and February 21, 2017, Cloudflare leaked memory due to a parser bug in three of their features: Automatic HTTP Rewrites, Server-Side Excludes, and Email Obfuscation. A Google security researcher discovered the bug on February 17 and began cooperating with Cloudflare to mitigate and patch the bug.

As of February 21, a patch had been put in place, and on February 24, Cloudflare announced their postmortem on their blog.

BNETDocs uses Cloudflare for their CDN feature and a few other purposes, and due to this, we recommend anyone who has an account here change their password immediately. It's possible that random visitors to this site or others hosted on Cloudflare could have leaked BNETDocs session data and/or password between the time period listed earlier.

The good news is, due to how BNETDocs stores passwords, reusing your password may not be an issue; BNETDocs will reset your seed and hash even if the password is the same as before. Bad news is, most people reuse passwords on other sites, so you should probably use a different password anyway.

- BNETDocs Staff

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