Regular news...


Here's some regular news that some may have been waiting for...

Concerns: This site is still active; we just don't update as much as we used to. A lot of the admins have become busy with their lives so they haven't been able to do much real updating here. However, when one finds time, they put a little effort in.

Core Updates

  • A small update has been made to the Logs RSS in regard to what it spits out to the public.
  • Logs are no longer made for users who do not respond to their registration e-mail.
  • Cleaned up some code in the overall functionality of the site.
  • Re-enabled authorization for the server checker code.
  • Fixed news submissions (new or edited) containing apostrophes in them so that they will work properly.

As for anything else, stay tuned. :)

Edit: Somehow, some site files got pushed back to their older version. As such, user submission bugs containing apostrophes (') were present. I have re-fixed that error now. I have also fixed the news submitter since it was sanitizing twice after the re-fix. [07/05/2011]

| Edited: Caaaaarrrrlll

Server Status Re-enabled


The statuses on the right-hand side of this website are now accurate down to the last 5 minutes.

Jailout2000's computer is still in a hot-fix situation, but is stable enough to host his JBLS server, along with the script that checks all of the servers for this website. Downtimes will be seen with both his JBLS and the updater script; you'll just have to live with the inaccuracies during these times. Jailout2000 normally keeps his PC on 24/7 unless he's doing work to it, which is always in the day (and almost never on the weekdays as well).

Also, there have been two new entries added to the server list: and These two servers used to be one running PvPGN and one redirecting to Jailout2000's RBNETD server; however, that is no more and they are both now simply redirects to his server. If is down, these two will be as well, and vice versa.

Anyways, have a safe trip around the website and keep track of your favorite servers on the right as they appear on or off throughout the weeks to come.

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Minor BNETDocs v2 Update


Decided to put v3 on hold, and give v2 a bit of love. Here's the updates:

  • Removed registration spam from logs
  • Cleaned up logs so it only displays relevant info
  • Renamed BNETDocs Redux to BNETDocs (ignore the logo @ top left)
  • Updated TOS
  • Fixed bad links in emails that BNETDocs sent for registration, password changes, etc
  • Removed all references to the Demented Minds (that organization is defunct as of a couple years ago)
  • Fixed Custom CSS Theme bug that prevented certain users from being able to save custom CSS.

On a side note, Jailout2000 has also fixed submission bugs, so there will be no more glitches resulting from usage of ' in any submissions.


Server Updater Script Down Indefinitely


Due to some problems with Jailout2000's machine, the script that updated each server's status on this website has been down for about 3-4 weeks.

The script may stay down for even longer as things get worked through on his machine, but it will surely be up again in the near future.

So for now, ignore the statuses for each server on the right-side of this website as they are ALL inaccurate.


We're still here...


Yes, our site has been deemed as inactive by some, but believe us, it is still used quite a bit.

Currently our website is still the only place for a near-complete documentation, even so it is no doubt that others will go to other places for some of our missing information such as v2 or the Starcraft In-Game Protocol.

I assure you, as soon as our contributors are less busy (I cannot give you an estimate when that will be), we will continue to work on getting missing information put up, the website fixed and/or revised, and other updates to the site itself.