BNETDocs General Status Update

Figured it was time for a general status update of BNETDocs.

What's working:

  • Comment viewing for documents
  • Comment viewing for news posts
  • Comment viewing for packets
  • Desktop and mobile versions of the site
  • Document viewing
  • Logging of events
  • News post creation
  • News post deletion
  • News post viewing
  • Packet viewing
  • Server status tracker
  • User login
  • User logout
  • User password updating
  • User permission/ACL system
  • User profile viewing
  • User registration

What's left to do:

  • Comment creation/editing/deletion for documents, news posts, packets, servers, and user profiles
  • Mobile version of the site still missing navigation
  • Document creating/editing/deletion
  • Document relations import from Redux
  • Document searching and popularity ranking
  • Emails
  • Event log viewing
  • News post editing
  • Packet creation/editing/deletion
  • Packet relations import from Redux
  • Packet searching and popularity ranking
  • Server creation/editing/deletion
  • User index (list of registered users)
  • User profile editing

Other notes:

  • Blizzard on occasion will visit this site. This is a good reason to be as welcoming and professional as possible. They've visited 6 times between April 11 and June 13 of 2016.
  • So far, I've been the only one contributing to the BNETDocs source code. If we want to speed things up around here, BNETDocs could use some contributors over on GitHub.
  • Worth mentioning is the domain name is being offered for around $2,000 USD. That's pretty insane. If anyone wants to buy it and transfer it over, I'd be extremely grateful. It used to be an alias for back in the day and some comments/documentation on this site still reference it.
  • I've imported the comments from Redux over to here. Some are pretty rough and demeaning while others are constructive. Please understand that some of these comments are pretty old and were written at a time when the person might have been at a different maturity level than they are now. Be respectful when diving in to a comment thread.
  • Also worth mentioning about these imported comments is they were written on Redux, not this new site; a lot has changed since Redux, and some comments may no longer be relevant anymore, such as one comment I found about SQL injection and ' symbols over on the Protocol Headers document. SQL injection is impossible on this new site thanks to the aid of prepared statements, proper input/output sanitation, and error handling.
  • Some may have noticed that the To Do document from Redux was deleted. I did this because the purpose of that document has moved to GitHub. The original comments and content of that document are still preserved on Redux, as clicking on that link will show you.

I don't have any milestones for this site, so I can't give you a timeline of when I plan to complete features. I have a full-time job, 9-5 weekdays, plus I like to have leisure time spent playing games or hanging out with friends, rather than spending time coding. In other words, this site isn't my priority. I will always try to donate my time when I can or when I feel like it, though. I haven't abandoned this project. :-)

Diablo II 1.14d Patch

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, Blizzard patched Diablo II up to version 1.14d.

This specific patch introduces Blizzard Error and System Survey to better troubleshoot crashes and assertions.

Original Announcement

Diablo II 1.14c Patch and Ladder Reset Announcement

Hey all,

Diablo II ladder reset has been announced for May 17, 2016 at 10:00am PDT. This maintenance will also include a Diablo II patch from 1.14b to 1.14c that addresses a few bugs from the previous 1.14a and 1.14b patches.

The full announcement can be found on Blizzard's forums.

Happy gaming!

Update 2016-05-17 5:52pm: Blizzard has taken the servers down as of 12:00pm CDT and as of now they are still down while they perform maintenance. More information can be found in their new forum post. Thanks all!

Update 2016-05-17 9:48pm: All maintenance has been complete and the servers are all back online!

Blizzard will be updating Starcraft too!

On April 13, 2016, Blizzard announced that in addition to the updates they have made to Diablo II and Warcraft III, they will also be updating Starcraft!

It all is detailed in the forum post that quickly went off-topic from its Diablo II question and turned into a Starcraft conversation:

xboi209: Hey Clásico, it seems that there's absolutely no mention of any work on StarCraft at the moment. I do agree that D2 should support higher resolutions but in my opinion, bug fixes and compatibility for StarCraft should be worked on first before the eye candy for other games.

Clásico: Hey hey! I will say that, as of right now, Starcraft IS being worked on.

Bingbing: This thread no where even mentions Brood War.

Clásico: When I say Starcraft, I'm implying that it's Brood War. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Bareleon: Are there going to be bug fixes? Any balance updates? A ladder like sc2's?

Clásico: Afternoon Bareleon, as of right now we're working on Compatibility and bug fixing for SC and SC:Brood War.

So there you have it folks! Starcraft is coming down the pipeline soon.

Diablo II 1.14b Maintenance Release

On Thursday, April 7, 2016, Blizzard announced a patch to Diablo II. The new version upgrades Diablo II from 1.14a to 1.14b. There are no known version byte or hash file updates so far, but we will revise this news post if there is.

The announcement from Blizzard is as follows:

Howdy All,

We are releasing 1.14b for Diablo II today. We will take the servers down at 1000 Pacific and expect the maintenance to last 4 hours. Patch notes:

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Glide Wrapper will now load properly on PC by adding -3dfx to the end of the game shortcut
  • Mercenaries will no longer become “An Evil Force”
  • Fixed Mac client crash on “Save & Exit”
  • Capped the frame rate to 200 to save batteries, spare system load, and prevent hot lap syndrome
  • Created new German installers to fix localization issues in Act V (Will require a fresh install to fix the missing dialogue data)

Blizzard completed their maintenance an hour after the announcement and all servers should be back online operating at full capacity.

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