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Been quite busy with work, apologies! LordVader, Leaky, and I have all been quite busy with work.

[Edited on 12-25-07] Merry Christmas!

[Edited on 1-1-08] Happy New Year's!

Still working on the new version of BNETDocs. :)

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Vivendi Games / Activision Merger

Vivendi Games and Activision have merged into a single company called Activision Blizzard. While the name has Blizzard in it, make no mistake, Vivendi Games is the parent company of Blizzard, and while the name has 'Blizzard' in it, it is Vivendi Games that has merged.

Blizzard posted on their forums to the effect of saying that there will be no changes to their games, their staff, their offices, nor their development teams. Blizzard Entertainment will continue to function as a division -- the only difference being that their parent is no longer named Vivendi Games, but now Activision Blizzard.

So to those wondering: no, there will be no changes to as a result of this merger. will operate as usual.

Yes, I already have sent a direct request for comment to Blizzard in regards to how will be affected, but most likely their response will be similar to their post on their forums. If there is any different information than that posted on Blizzard's forums, I'll make sure to let you know.

If you'd like more information on this, feel free to email Blizzard at

Reference Link Blizzard's forum post Activision Blizzard Press Release

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Interesting statistics...

I just checked the stats for the visits to BNETDocs, what I saw was interesting. Here's a list of unique visits per nationality for the month of October:

  1. United States 352
  2. Germany 63
  3. Australia 53
  4. Canada 46
  5. Hungary 27
  6. Poland 7
  7. France 4
  8. Mexico 4
  9. Netherlands 3
  10. Norway 3

Personally, I was surprised to see Germany ranked second in most visits. If you're a visitor from one of the countries where English isn't the main language, my apologies BNETDocs Redux isn't in your main language. We're looking for translators, so if you'd like to volunteer to translate the documentation, feel free to make an account at our forums, and PM me about it!

Server Crash

There was a server crash while I was conducting maintenance, and the backup file got corrupt. Fortunately, I had an older copy of backup. So with the assistance of Leaky, I was able to do a full server wipe and restore.

So if you see anything that's broken, point it out so I can fix it! I've created a document called 'To Fix', so post a comment there so I can get the heads up.

Comment Scripts Complete

Users now can comment on packets and documents. Editors and administrators also now have ability to delete comments. Enjoy.


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