Starcraft Patch 1.16.1
Starcraft and Brood War Patch Information

- patch 1.16.1

Feature Changes

- In-game Speed Options menu now has a "Enable CPU Throttling" checkbox. 
  Enabling this option will allow StarCraft to consume fewer CPU cycles. By 
  default this option is off.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with the reply feature where any character followed by a "r "
  was being treated as a reply.
- Removed an unnecessary delay when processing palette cycling updates.
- Lessened the imposed delay in the CPU Throttling feature.

Starcraft's version byte is D3 (221). (Reported by Jailout2000)

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New Patch for Starcraft/Brood War


Starcraft and Brood War Patch Information

- patch 1.15.3

  Bug Fixes
- Fixed a communication bug affecting third party leagues.
- Alt-F6 no longer stalls the game on Windows.
- Game now works correctly on versions of Mac OS X which do not support 256-color

No change in VerByte, new BNUpdate icon.

(Reported by Brew via vL forums)

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Diablo II 1.12a (New Patch)
- Patch 1.12

     Downloadable Installer Support

- If all required Diablo 2 '.MPQ' files are installed on the
  hard drive, the game will no longer require the CD to play.

   For users that originally performed a 'Full Installation'
   and wish to run without the CD, all '.MPQ' files should
   be copied from the Diablo 2 CDs to the Diablo 2 directory. 
   Most users will only need to copy D2Music.mpq from the
   Diablo 2 Play CD and/or D2xMusic.mpq from the Lord of
   Destruction CD.  Mac users will need to copy these music
   files and rename them to 'Diablo II Music' and
   'Diablo II Expansion Music' respectively.

   Anyone who did not perform a 'Full Installation' will need
   to re-install from CD again to ultimately play without the CD. 
   In this case, a 'Full Installation' is required, followed by file
   copy step noted above.

     Bug Fixes

- Fixed an incompatibility between Rosetta and OpenGL mode on Intel Mac.

Verbyte: 0x0C (12)

Hashes: D2DV | D2XP

As reported by Andy (AKA RealityRipple)

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Server Move Completed

Server move has been completed. And to save Hdx the effort of having to re-edit the packets/documents, I took the liberty of making another copy from the older server and moved it here.

So it's all up to date. :-)

Thanks for your patience during the transfer!

Server Move

In light of the frequent downtimes we've been experiencing lately, I've procured a new server and will be moving all domains/customers to that new server.

What this means for BNETDocs is some downtime. This is due to DNS propagation, which will take up to 24 hours, depending on your ISP.

This also includes the BNLS redirection server. I apologize for any inconvenience, but believe me, this is the best course as I believe in reliability. If there are any issues and you're unable to report it to me via BNETDocs, feel free to contact me by sending me a PM at Make sure the PM is sent to DonCullen.

Once more, thanks for your patience. :)

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