BNLS Updates

BNLS has been upgraded for the latest "lockdown" changes on the servers. Bot developers may now use it for requesting fast version checks on all supporting products. At this time, Diablo II, WarCraft III, and their expansions do not make use of the latest updates.

The documentation has been updated with BNLS messages BNLS_VERSIONCHECKEX and BNLS_VERSIONCHECKEX2 to support the changes.

Re: The Lockdown Update

As most of you will know, Blizzard recently updated their Checkrevision procedure for WarCraft II, StarCraft, Brood War, Diablo I and StarCraft Shareware. This new method, dubbed "Lockdown", is considerably more complex then the previous ix86ver method which is still used by other products.

We fully intend to update BNETDocs with as much information about Lockdown as possible, however, much of this material has not yet been made public. BNETDocs has always relied on information volunteered by the community and will continue to be updated with information as and when it is received.

In the meantime, your best available options are to reverse engineer the new system yourself -- this is not a light undertaking -- or to use BNLS.

We're still alive!

Yes, we're still here for those of you who still wander across the documents. Just last night and this morning I had updated many of our already existing packets with more information/better descriptions/correctness, etc. It sure has been quiet around here, but trust me, BNETDocs still lives :)

Diablo 2/LoD 1.11

Most of the packets have been updated for patch version 1.11. However, I'm still counting on the public to comment in any way, shape or form on the accuracy of the information.

StarCraft 1.13 released

Sorry guys for the late post on this, but just to keep everyone informed: sometime last week a patch was released for StarCraft and Brood War. BNETDocs and BNLS have been updated for the changes.

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