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As some of you may know, BnetDocs was down from Nov 10, 2011 - Nov 14, 2011.

There was issues with the domain registrar. Those issues has been resolved and will not occur again.

Providing that everyone's DNS cache is friendly to them, they should see this page immediately, otherwise give it time to update.

We at BnetDocs sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

And rest assured, all data remained untouched; that is to say no data was lost during this period, it was just inaccessible.

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Beta servers are online again?

Just a few minutes ago of this post, I was logged on to the beta servers with my very own BNRBot, along with some other people: Vector using StealthBot, Arqtekvet using MirageBot, and ColdFear using his unnamed bot. This sums up to a total of four people, not including anyone that may have been online but not in the same channel (/users didn't work and nor did /who).

This is to say that the servers, and, were accepting client logins (actual packets), instead of just disconnecting you immediately like they normally did 8-12 months ago.

I felt this was news worthy because both servers have been offline for the past 8-12 months, and I spotted them being online here on my daily checkup of BnetDocs, so I went to investigate it further, and invited some friends to come along. Turns out, Blizzard disconnected all four of us after about 10-15 minutes, and the servers are now back to how they were when they were once online 8-12 months ago.

I do not have any snapshots, but I hear Arkteqvet does, and Vector might possibly have one or a few, so contact both of them for proof.

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For the lack of better words, let me simply say this.

You will be missed.

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Diablo III BETA Client Leaked


As some of you may already know, the Diablo III BETA client has been leaked as of four days ago (2 September 2011). It only recently went hot within the dev. communities. (6 September 2011)

Please use Google as your reference. I will not post links here for copyright or other trademark reasons. As for other references, you can also visit for a good amount of info (including a link to the installer), though you must navigate yourself to the respective posts.

As far as I know, the installer is released in Chinese and English (US), but there may be others floating around that I have not seen or searched for. Both installers were digitally signed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. on Friday, August 19, 2011, you can check for yourself if you download one; this is proof that they're legit.

Use all of this at your own discretion. I have not seen any videos or screenshots of anyone being past login; that is to say I have not seen anyone actually playing the game yet. All I've seen so far is people being at the login screen with changeable options such as video/sound and gameplay.

As always, have a wonderful time ;)

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Starcraft II Starter Edition

Starcraft II
Starcraft II

Blizzard has recently (within the last 2 weeks) released a new edition to Starcraft II.

This new edition allows anyone to download the full Starcraft II client and be able to play online with their account, even if they don't own the game.

When you logon with an account that does not have the game, will automatically give you a Starter Edition license, and you will be able to play online for unlimited amounts of time, but only up to certain scenarios/levels and you will be without chat channels.

Of course, you can always logon to your account through the website and get yourself a Starter Edition license from there, but you do not have to. If you do not currently own the game or do not have the full client, you should do this anyway so that you can get the download from's online download system.

As always, enjoy the website! :)